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The terrifying neo-gothic horror novel
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In the depths of a secluded marsh, two duck hunters stumble upon a grisly sight—a lifeless body that sets in motion a tale of greed and betrayal.

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If you think your job is hard, just wait and see how John spends his night at the lights-out manufacturing facility with no human workers! Think of the Russian engineering lathe incident and you are half way there...

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J J Lincoln is a British author with a passion for horror. An engineer by trade, he decided to finally take his writing seriously after reading Fyodor Dostoevsky started out as an engineer too. J J Lincoln is native to the Yorkshire Dales, where he draws plenty of inspiration. They say an author is the amalgamation of other authors he reads most. J J Lincoln reads: Adam Nevill / Stephen King / Cormac McCarthy / Poe / Hemingway / Jack Carr.

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