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Free short stories by J J Lincoln

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Something in the reeds.jpg
There's Something in the Reeds

In the depths of a secluded marsh, two duck hunters stumble upon a grisly sight—a lifeless body that sets in motion a tale of greed and betrayal.

What starts as an innocent hunting expedition quickly unravels as the hunters delve deeper into the mystery surrounding the corpse. As they unravel the dark secrets lurking beneath the tranquil waters, their own desires and ambitions twist them into adversaries. This horror short story serves as a chilling reminder of the destructive power of greed and the treacherous paths it can lead us down.

Lights out.jpg
Lights Out

In a lights-out manufacturing facility, where darkness hung like a shroud and machinery harboured malevolent secrets, John, a solitary engineer, stumbles upon an a terrifying conspiracy. With the help of an old engineer guiding him on his radio, they confront a factory's restless machinery, rewriting a tragic history bound by corporate negligence and supernatural malevolence. In this chilling tale of industrial nightmares, their pact unveils a chilling cover-up, exposing the dark, pulsing heart of a factory possessed by sinister forces. In the haunting echoes of their partnership, they face a relentless pursuit of justice that transcends the living and the spectral.

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